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Things to Know Before You Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer Abroad

If you want to help people as well as traveling, you may want to consider about joining volunteer abroad. Helping others can be done everywhere. If you feel that your local community or work isn’t enough for your needs, then going abroad (and volunteer) can be the greatest alternative. However, going abroad isn’t like going to the next city. There are preparations and things to take care of. Not to mention that you need to consider these things if you are about to travel to another country.

Preparation is Crucial

Since preparation is crucial, you need to consider the proper time to manage everything. You need to start from doing research on the destinations, programs, projects and then you need to do some budgeting and packing. Keep in mind that volunteering abroad isn’t a decision that is spur-of-the-moment type.

Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad

One thing for sure: make sure that all of your questions are answered and confirmed before you are committed to the program. Time is an important factor that you should manage and consider seriously.

It Can Be Costly

If you join an organization that holds the volunteering abroad program, they may finance your travel. But if you join an independent program, you are likely on your own to fund the travel. You want to know what you are paying for and what you can get about the flights, placement service, the needed resources, the flights, and also the room and also the board. And then you need to fundraise so you can go there. Ask yourself, will you be able to do everything? If the answer is no, then volunteering abroad may not be the best option. You may want to stick to the local programs.

Volunteer Everywhere Is Possible

When people hear the word ‘volunteer’ and ‘abroad’, they may assume that you are only going to the third world countries where the conditions are extreme, difficult, and rough. The truth is, you can always volunteer anywhere, even to the developed countries. Let’s say that you always want to go to Europe, yes, they have their own volunteering organizations. Want to travel to Australia? You can take part in the preservation program of saving the Great Barrier Reef.

Volunteer Everywhere Is Possible
Volunteer Everywhere Is Possible

Positive Job Prospect

Volunteering can hone your skills. It somewhat trains you with various abilities, such as dealing with different kinds of people or managing different responsibilities and tasks. If you take part in this program, it will shine on your CV. It’s because you have gained valuable skills and real world experience that are mostly related to adaptability, hard work, and patience. Not to mention, it also shows that you have good character. You are willing to do unpaid service and help others – what more that a company can ask for?

It Changes You

You are going to a country whose culture is different from you. The people and the habit are definitely different too. Your perspective and the way you see the world will change. You will appreciate basic necessities. You develop better understanding. You will have new passion. Things will never be the same anymore

You need to consider all these things seriously. You will change – that’s for sure. The question is: Are you ready for it? Will you be able to cope with the challenges and obstacles?