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The Best Places to Do Community Service

Community Service

Everyone knows that taking part in a community service can be beneficial, especially for your social skills and social connections. Community service is an unpaid work that is done by either a group of people or a person that can help and benefit others. Some community services can be focused on certain places. And there are some of the best places to help others.


This is one of the most common and popular places where community services often happen. There are many volunteers and many programs available. You can also volunteer at a different school, your own, or the one that you used to go to. If you are creative or enjoy teaching, and you like working with teenagers or kids, then this would be the ideal option. This is also a great pick if you are thinking about having a career in education. The example work to do is supervising programs after school, creating murals, chaperoning, or tutoring students.

Community Service at school
Community Service at school


Hospitals often hold community services and have various activities. If you like being in a fast-paced and busy environment, you aren’t afraid of diseases, or you are thinking about having a career in the health and medical subject, then this can be your greatest option. You will start slow and have a few duties. But if you decide to have a long-term relationship at the place, you may be given more responsibilities. You can start from playing or interacting with young patients, transporting patients to different rooms, stocking the medical supplies, or delivering gifts to patients.

Nursing Homes

Many retirement communities and nursing homes depend on volunteers to help with their residents. Volunteers can organize fun events or keep the residents active. This chance is good for those who have outgoing personality and love spending times (and interacting) with senior citizens. You can host events such as playing dadu online, bingo nights or dance nights, help the residents with their daily activities, or reading to them.

Food Banks

Whether it is food depositories, Soup Kitchen, or Food Banks, these are also the common places where poor families or homeless people go to. They are places that arrange food distribution or accept food donation for the poor and homeless people. They often depend on volunteers to manage their work, especially in reducing hunger and distributing food. Some often serve meals on the site – some even grow (and manage) their own food.

Community Service food banks
Community Service food banks

It would be perfect for you to work in Food Bank if you like gardening or cooking. If you like helping the poor without having to have so much interaction with their beneficiaries, this would also be the perfect opportunity. You can work by delivering meals, organizing food drives, cooking at the kitchen, or sorting food donation.

Animal Shelter

Volunteers can help the operation and the running of the shelters, since they only have small budgets and yet they have to take care of the many animals. The volunteers really matter because it can reduce their work load. This place is perfect for animal lovers or those who want to have a career within animal care industry. The example work may include walking the dogs, interviewing potential owners, providing and doing basic vet care, cleaning the cages, and feeding the animals.

These places are the common options for community services because there are different activities to do. You should ask around and decide where you want to go based on your interest and common activities to do.